my room is empty another year behind me sitting on the floor, sitting on the floor reading lynda barry her comix are sad but funny, i wanna be a funny lady when i'm 40 but for now, i'm not sure what i'm doin' all i know's that i got to keep on movin' hold-up, pop in A-ha it'll get me groovin' step on my own feet, fuck it, keep singin' ♫ "take on me! dun nun na nun nun nun nun nah nun nun nah nah dun nun na nun nun nun nun nah nun nun nah nah dun nun na nun nun nun nun nah nun nun nah nah!" ♫
thinkin' bout four summers ago driving down quiet back roads in south jersey, i was stinking of lake water and snack bar grease listened to "September Gurls" and hoped the school year would be different, didn't wanna be a Big Star but didn't wanna be a small fry either, no oh oh oh oh didn't wanna be a weenie any more coffee at the kitchen table, you'll join me two hours later i'll be sitting in front of a blank page in my notebook been reading through modern poetry i just dont understand these images why's this beauty blocked from me? well, i know i know certain things: i know uncertainty i know every last freakin' thing 'bout hyperbole i know someone knows the weather, doesn't matter i always pack an extra sweater bad jokes make me happy :) put my laundry in the dryer two days later turn it on high and forget it, it catches on fire i want to throw the appliance out the window of my third floor apartment, but i can't lift it so i spit on it sip homemade lemonade in my dreams cause i've yet to make any not too much sugar, i like the sour and sting dump iced tea on my head in here i'm burning up, i'm unraveling kick off my shoes, come with me, we'll swim through through these sweat-stained sheets crack open another can of beans cheers to friends we've yet to meet, i'll pray they forgive my reclusive tendencies we've all got so much strange to give
Laney: "I was really gonna be something by the age of 23" Troy: "Honey, all you have to be by the age of 23 is yourself" Laney: "I don't know who that is any more" i'll buy your ticket to the show, i'll buy you lemonade if i only had fifty dollars to my name i know you'd do the same moving to a new city, shaky footing till ya kiss me now i'm philadelphia-crushin walk three miles with me, honey just for fun cause all you gotta be when you're 23 is yourself call yourself an artist, work part-time at whole foods it's all good displaced, thoughts racing, do i settle down or keep moving i am 23 years old today where's my birthday cake? feel better cause with you life's vacation travel to the kitchen, get wylde on green tea re-read our favorite stories, remember who we used to be then forget it cause we've got a whole new city to see and all you gotta be when you're 23 is yourself call yourself an artist, work part-time at whole foods it's all good wear stupid lookin' shoes defuse left-over teenage blues it's all gooooooooooooooooooood!!!!
i'll try and think about all i ever wanted in their backseat driving home from brooklyn get caught up in dreading to return to a routine i didn't create try not to worry about my life's trajectory and just see your face i recognize you at the show you're smiling slightly, i imagine you're somewhere soft within yourself and so i file the image away for my day-to-day day-to-day day-to-day whoo! whoo! i know that you've been down, too time slips away yet we still hold our hands in front of our face we used to speak about joan didion and desire to be eminent i still want it all, but for now i'm just grasping for the wall i stay away i wish you happiness but now you don't exist within my plane you're still my friend although, we lost each other in the day-to-day, day-to-day, day-to-day the day-to-day, day-to-day, day-to-day whoooooo
i lived in a pink room for a few weeks and i lived in a shed for almost a year i lived in new jersey till i was 13 and every year since i've mo-oh-oh-oh-ved i eat grapefruit from a green bowl and wonder why we're moving to philly when what i want now is an eggplant garden and neither of us has spent much time in cities feels to late to reconsider even though it isn't and i don't wanna reconsider i just wanna do it cause new things are frightening but they're also the most exciting so i'm mo-oh-oh-vin' and the best part is that i'm movin' with all of you
it's raining again still don't own an umbrella get on the trolly and eat toast with people i don't know listen to your songs and try to understand them my mind is clouded, though i couldn't sleep again oh, i know, that it's a common problem maybe i'm a common girl after all we are working people now spend eight hours away from our lives when i return to mine you've just left yours when i feel alone i put down my book and re-read your note i want you to know how much it means to me when i'm afraid this love bends, but you don't let it break honey, partner, person, friend you unbound me
the first time i hung out with you we threw an empty whiskey bottle out my 10th floor dorm room window at the time, we knew it was a stupid thing to do but we laughed bashfully as it smashed into the cement below we wandered to the recycling to grab more crash boom boom boom the 23rd time i hung out with you we lit sparklers from dollar general in my dark dorm room before we did, we had been so blue then your face lit like it was your birthday till the sparks fizzled into dust in our hands, poof the smoke alarm went off but then it stopped and no one came i always think about those days
moving song gotta keep moving i'm a detached tetherball that rolled into a sand pit and honestly, i don't even wanna leave cause i got my friend the oak tree when the wind blows, she says "hey!" cut me capris dig me a palm tree inject me with vitamin D cast me out to sea ship me to the mall now i'm motionless because i want it all roast the whole bulb of garlic and plop it in my pasta but i know while i wait for my life to begin i need to start collecting but how to craft good memories? i'm doing this wrong my paintbrush is dirty this party is painful cause i'm self-effacing and i'd like to go to bed
i can't wait to walk outside after it rains cause it means there'll be less people in the street with the world so quiet, i'll feel like i'm in that episode of the twilight zone for an hour i'll be a star on TV but you know i'll be so comforted when people slowly start to surround me cause you know the truth is i like havin' people around me i'll go outside when the sun shines if you'll come with me cause when the sun shines and i'm on my own i feel the most lonely


~all songs will be available on bandcamp, and also on tape, on March 31st via Double Double Whammy~


i took this photo in august while sitting in the back seat of ian's dodge polara, driving to lake george, NY


released January 26, 2015


all rights reserved



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