talking quietly of anything with you

by free cake for every creature

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vincent thumbnail
vincent you make me bop and groove and feel happy Favorite track: i wanna make you bread.
Aaron Ponzo
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Aaron Ponzo LOVE IT SO MUCH AWE MY HEART MAKES ME WANT TO MOVE TO NEW ENGLAND Favorite track: i wanna make you bread.
Ananya thumbnail
Ananya Really pretty music Favorite track: so much strange to give.
Sam Baguley
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Sam Baguley free cake are basically the cause of my interest in diy at all, they are very true to themselves. It seems that way anyway I mean we have not met but that's what comes across. And one time I really got some free cake because I was wearing the tee.
Glenn Sadowy
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Glenn Sadowy I like how the band comes together with the lyrics and music and forms its own persona.I have enjoyed everything Ive heard so far from this band and look forward to more.
Golden Blue
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Golden Blue I feel so happy when listening to this album. I'm in love with summer storm <3 Favorite track: first storm of the summer.
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released April 15, 2016

All songs by Katie Bennett, with help from Colin Manjoney, Francis Lyons, and Ian Stewart

Katie sings and plays guitar and keys
Colin plays lead guitar and sings
Francis plays drums
Ian plays bass

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Chris Daly at Salvation Recording Co in New Paltz, NY

Mastered by Jamal Ruhe

Album photo by Domenica Pileggi, taken at the Cabazon Dinosaurs while free cake was on tour with i tried to run away when i was six in the summer of 2015.

Record and insert art by Katie

Special thanks to my friends and family, and Dave and Mike from DDW for making this all happen! Love y'all ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ



all rights reserved


free cake for every creature Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: talking quietly of anything with you
trains and school busses
sidewalks and narrow streets
i'm still getting used to
the landscape of a city

talking quietly of anything with you
your face in the lamplight,
i wanna frame it

i used to cover my ears
it took my years to believe
i could be quiet and still uncompromising

talking quietly of anything with you
soup on the stove
tonight there is a moat around us

music under the door,
we're not old but we're getting older
what will we keep on our coffee tables?
we're getting older
Track Name: all you gotta be when you're 23 is yourself
i'll buy your ticket to the show
i'll buy you lemonade
if i only had fifty dollars to my name
i know you'd do the same

moving to a new city
shakey footing till ya kiss me
now i'm philadelphia crushin'
walk three miles with me, honey
just for fun

cause all you gotta be when you're 23
is yourself
call yourself an artist,
work part-time at whole foods
it's all good

displaced, thoughts racing
do i settle down or keep moving
i am 23 years old today
where's my birthday cake?

feel better cause with you,
life's vacation
travel to the kitchen,
get wylde on green tea

re-read our favorite stories,
remember who we used to be
then forget it
cause we've got a whole new city to see

and all you gotta be when you're 23
is yourself
call yourself an artist,
work part-time at whole foods
it's all good

wear stupid lookin' shoes
defuse leftover teenage blues
it's all good
Track Name: chubby cows
i'm a messy girl
and i stink
i collect trinkets
yet i like simple things
but simple things illude me,
can't help but bring in the messy

my friends are weepy
we weep for weeks
i weep for no reason

mis-matched silverware
and chipped cups,
sometimes the muffins i make look scary
cause even when i bake
i can't help but deviate,
don't use a recipe

i wanna share them with friends
but i'm embarrassed by them
so i eat muffins for dinner

22 years old, drawing chubby cows in my journal
i'm 22 years old, drawing chubby cows in my journal
i'm 22 years old, drawing chubby cows in my journal
i'm 22 years old, drawing chubby cows in my diary
Track Name: i wanna make you bread
i wanna make you bread
or do you want a cake instead?
i wanna knit you a sweater,
you can wear it on your head

gonna make you mine,
we'll play checkers all the time,
read books about malaysia
then we'll go there when it's right

gonna make you mine
gonna make you mineeaahh ahhha

soon you'll email me
nearly as much as i do you
soon you'll take me out for tea,
i don't drink coffee, what a snafu

soon you'll see in me
everything that i see in you
yeah we'll get together,
yeah life will rule

i wanna hold the contents of your pockets
i wanna be your hot air balloon pilot
wanna put my picture in your wallet
wanna sit with you and eat

gonna make you mine
gonna make you miiiine
gonna make you mine
gonna make you mineeeaaahhne
Track Name: first summer in a city
you wanna a big dog
and i, i wanna small dog
i gotta daffodil on my arm
you tend to the dandelion garden

watermelon tongue,
city buzz
crazy daisy,
you got that beauty bug

oooh ooh

blue couch on the porch
and tunes through the window,
"daniel loves laura"
first summer in a city

and you color me in,
my rainbow an oil leak
a wildberry stain

oooh ooh

and you're
more than my character
and this
still feels new

i'll be singing when i'm 90
climb a tree to see
what tastes to smokey sweet
first summer in a city
Track Name: susie (now i'm cryin')
sitting among many people, i
thought i saw your mom's car drive by
but, of course, i didn't
i don't know where you live anymore
i still remember your phone number
i'd call you, but never before 9am
you came over on snow days
we put cheese fries on our pizza

i found our book of inside jokes
wish i knew what we used to
find so funny
oh, you were so lovely
susie, now i'm cryin
and i know why/ i don't know why

we went to the movies
i stuck next to you at school dances
we watched fireworks under a blanket
people asked us if we were girlfriends
we were boys together
ripped-kneed jeans
and dreams of going wherever
one day you wore clothes all colored gold
down to the scrunchie

you thought you found god in a U2 song
and i didn't even
question it
susie, now i'm cryin
listened even though i didn't like em
in my house of memories
you are the hearth
you know how it hurts

cornfields at night
you thought it was fun
i was terrified
the ghosts that lived in your home
we searched the graveyard for their

before we gave our love away
i saw you every single day
oh, susie
i hide out in my memories
Track Name: for you
for you i'd write a shitty poem
on the wall of a dressing room at jc penny
leave a dime on the train tracks
drop our names down the shower drain
in the hopes that we never come back

you are the brownie to my tv dinner
but i don't wanna save you for later
cause my loneliness mostly leaves
everytime you're with me

whaoo whoohoooh
ooh ooh oooh ooooh
whaoo whoohooooh
whooh ooh ooh ooh

for you i'd steal a fifty cent machine
and we won't need money or anything
cause we'll have gumballs
and we'll have figurines
i'll be the queen of plastic jewelry,
you'll rule with me

and you too, you give me so many things
like shade under a tree, like a bottle out to sea
love's an onion ring, burn my tongue but it tastes sweet
come closer and we'll share this piece

whaooo whooohoooh
ooh ooh ooooh ooh
whaooo who ooh oooh
whooh ooh ooooh ooh
oooh ooh oooh
ohhhhoho hhoohohohoh
Track Name: so much strange to give
thinkin' bout four summers ago
driving down quiet back roads
in south jersey,
i was stinking of lake water and snack bar grease

listened to "September Gurls"
and hoped the school year would be different,
didn't wanna be a Big Star
but didn't wanna be a small fry either, no
oh oh oh oh
didn't wanna be a weenie any more

coffee at the kitchen table,
you'll join me two hours later
i'll be sitting in front of a blank page in my notebook
been reading through modern poetry
i just dont understand these images
why's this beauty blocked from me?
well, i know i know certain things:

i know uncertainty
i know every last freakin' thing 'bout hyperbole
i know someone knows the weather,
doesn't matter i always pack an extra sweater
bad jokes make me happy :)

put my laundry in the dryer two days later
turn it on high and forget it,
it catches on fire
i want to throw the appliance out the window
of my third floor apartment,
but i can't lift it so i spit on it

sip homemade lemonade in my dreams
cause i've yet to make any
not too much sugar, i like the sour and sting
dump iced tea on my head
in here i'm burning up, i'm unraveling
kick off my shoes, come with me, we'll swim through
through these sweat-stained sheets

crack open another can of beans
cheers to friends we've yet to meet,
i'll pray they forgive my reclusive tendencies
we've all got so much strange to give
Track Name: first storm of the summer
i wanted to walk home from work today
but it was supposed to rain
so i paid 2.25
for the subway
i listened to “angel gone” and “honey pot”,
it was a good end
to an ok day

first storm of the summer

i was anticipating
darkening sky crash boom then candles
cause each year these scenes repeat
whether in a city or in the country

six years ago,
may 5th,
you, me, our margarita lips
we sat on the roof in the rain for a while

first storm of the summer

the first storm of the summer
ooh ooh ohh
first storm of the summer
it didn’t come
for me today
Track Name: still movin'
ten years of in-between
ten years, i'm piecing it together
over-thinking and under-drunk
i read in the backseat,

i'm still movin'
i'm not where i wanna be
but i'm open to possibilities

i'm a decade plus a baker's dozen
i'm water sloshing out a bucket
caught in cracks, i slip into dreaming
see faces, make-believe

all the people i've known
the places i've been
they rise to meet me
when i'm asleep

there's so much more to see
so i walk and look at the people
they drink coffee
and talk about their babies

they don't see me
so i keep on till i can't feel my feet
if i ran to you
would you unlock and run to me?